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Entrepreneur and the Philippine Economy

Sustainable Development

Intro to Wikispaces (ICT Integration)

Planning, Organizing, Managing the Enterprise

(with Wikispaces)

Theories in Management

Principles of Management by Charles W.L. Hill and Steven McShane
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eCom (UPOU Networks)
Lean Startup
Business Ideas
Website Creation

Coke on Empowering Women, Improving Lives (Retailing or Sari-Sari Store)

3 women achievers hailed as ‘micropreneurs’

UN Conference on Trade and Development: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through ICT, A practical guide

Choosing Communication Methods Wisely for Your Small Business

How Do Businesses Use Communication Technology to Improve Their Performance?

Home Economics and Related Occupations

California (8 Pathways)

A new version of NCFR's Careers in Family Science booklet is now available. A free PDF version is available on the NCFR website, and hard copies are available for purchase in the NCFR online store.

The booklet provides information on family science as a discipline and profession. A brief discussion of the Domains of Family Practice Model helps explain family science and how it is translated into work with families. The booklet also includes information helpful when considering undergraduate and graduate degree programs and career options.

Source: American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Texas AAFCS-TX

E-Monograph entitled, “Family Socioeconomic and Cultural Issues: A Continuing Home Economics Concern”. It was launched by Renata KACZMARSKA from the United Nations Program on the Family, Division for Social Policy and Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Secretariat.

The E-Monograph was developed by the IFHE Program Committee Family (and Gender). It contains 21 articles that explore topics such as, intergenerational solidarity and social inclusion, family resources, poverty and nutrition and work-life balance. The articles focus on the contribution of Home Economics to the aims of the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family 2014.

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E-learning/Online Learning Activities (Blended Learning)