Activity for Jan. 8 to 10, 2015

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Business/industries (practices)
Eco Innovators (2011). LCA 6 minute crash course Life cycle thinking and sustainability in design by Leyla Acaroglu
Cascades Fine Papers (2011). Life Cycle Assessment
Coursera (2013). How Green Is That Product? An Introduction to Environmental Life Cycle Assessment by Eric Masanet from Northwestern University
GORE-TEX® Products (2014). Life Cycle Assessment GORE-TEX® Footwear
MIS TM (2013). Ecoplas video

Hechanova-Alampay (editor) (2009). For the people, with the people: developing social enterprises in the Philippines
1) Introduction to Social Enterprise
2) Kamay-Krafts Multipurpose Cooperative
3) Hapinoy: the business partner of the poor
4) CSFI Multipurpose Cooperative: Empowering Employees
5) Gawad Kalinga: Building more than just houses
6) Pathways to higher education: realizing potential, one student at a time
7) Rags 2 riches: making a social statement in style
8) Venture for fund raising: teaching the joy of giving
9) CARD-MRI: Great things start from small beginnings
10) Lessons and challenges for Filipino social enterprises

Families and communities (practices)
(Submitted by PMC)

Amparo Lardizabal and Eden Diaz (1990). Sustainable Development (preview available in Google Books)
(complete unit to be sent by e-mail, invitation link)
UPOU Networks on Building Sustainable & Resilient Communities Part 1 & 2
Sarian, Z. (2014). Composting Made Easy with Bokashi
compostinghome (2013). Kitchen Composter with Bokashi

(Submitted by DMFG)

UNESCO (2010). Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future
Education for achieving sustainability
Miriam College - Environmental Studies Institute and the Environmental Management Bureau - DENR (Solid Waste Management for Schools)
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools in the Philippines (2013)

Religious groups
(Submitted by: Sr. MNS)

Woodeene Koenig-Bricker (2012), Ten Commandments for the Environment; Pope Benedict XVI Speaks Out for Creation and Justice
Mark I. Wallace (2010). Green Christianity (VCD): Christian families in North America practicing 3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle;
Book review by M. Dowling

Sample presentations

To Pope Benedict;My question is (What is the best way to protect our environment?)
To Amparo: Do you think that the fertilizer is still using now a-days?It is still existing in farming?

What fertilizer do you mean, is it organic or in-organic fertilizer?(# 2 Question)
I mean organic for farming.

To Pope Benedict XVI And Mark Wallace (portrayed By Sr. MNS and MTD) I have two questions for you both.
What is the importance of the Environment in Sustainable Development.
Sustainable development is a trans-disciplinary area requiring interactive, participative and reflective approaches. Learners need to be able to construct their own understanding,meaning and values, as a step in the collective search for a sustainable future. active teaching and learning methodologies can facilitate this process. Much has been written about the use of active teaching and learning in education and this section provides a brief theoretical justification for the adoption of these approaches in ESD.(DMFG:))
Why do we need to take care of our Environment?
We need to take care of our Environment because if we will not take care of it we will be the one to suffer.

What is the best way to protect our environment?
thank you for the question, all of us have the responsibility to take care of our environment, i encourage you to change your lifestyle that serve both humanity and nature through ecologically responsible. here i give suggestions planting tree, buying materials that are biodegradable, avoiding in using the plastic, use soap that is ecofriendly and...i think you can be more creative and think the best way in your own, thank you hope it is helpful.
God bless (Sr MNS)