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Introduction to sustainable development

(Submitted by Sr. MI)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University (2014). The Age of Sustainable Development Introduction (Lecture 1, Chapter 1, 11:34 min.)

OECD (2008). Sustainable Development: Linking economy, society, environment (full ebook) (summaries etc.)
(Submitted by AHH)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs (2014). Measuring well-being (Lecture 2, Chapter 4, 15:10 min.)

Coggan & Dodds(2008). The pursuit of happiness

Human Well-Being and the Environmental Paradox
(Submitted by: B)

Evans (2011). Resolving the Environmentalist’s Paradox
(Submitted by: NJ)

Role of governments
UN - SD Goals
(Submitted by GE)

Philippine Council for Sustainable Development:

Quezon City Government Green Ordinances
(Submitted by: MRT)

Sample presentations

what specific initiatives can religious congregations and related institutions, such as seminaries and universities, take to begin their own commitment to saving the planet from global warming?

(The people are far from each other places but the time sent them to be together in one place. At that time they will shows their own culture to each other. They show their faith and religious therefore,their spiritual bring them together and working together.They will protect form environment destroy by weather or climate as mush as they can for example like prayer.
As a seminaries they will protect the environment like replant the plant reduce to use the industry.
For the human being well also, they will support the materials or medicine to those who are suffering and homeless by the weather change.
And some also will sacrifice their life for the others.)
- B

(Many religious cogregations and related institutions have alrealy make some actions regarding the problem of Climate change which results global warming. Some institutions tried to find out what are the posible steps that we can do to save the earth from global warming.
As member of a religious congregation the specific initiaves that I think we can take are; first, to know what really causes the problem. We have to find out first what is/are the reasons behind why we are experiencing this kind of problem. And then after finding out we will help each other to look for a posible solutions . Second, we must education everyone on how to take care of our planet earth. We should know what are the things we've done that might harm our environment so that we may avoid it and will not repeat the same mistakes. Knowing the importance of our world is knowing how to value it. Our earth is a gift from God and therefore we should've value it. It is given to us from God's own Hand and so it is Sacred. Therefore, we should respect and live in this world with reverence to all creation. Without our planet,human beings will also not exist.)